3 Amazing Practices That Will Trigger Divine Promotion

3 Amazing Practices That Will Trigger Divine Promotion

Bible Reading: 1 KINGS 1:5

Promotion means lifting or elevation. Promotion means moving forward or to the next level.

There are two kinds of promotion

  1. Man-made
  2. God-made promotion.

Most people seek for self-made and man-made promotion by getting it in their own way or doing it in their own method. But it’s God that promotes and lifts a man PSALM 75:6. Promotion is not by people wanting you to be the head but does God wants you to be their leader. It is not by being beautiful or handsome like Adonijah. While Adonijah made himself king, Solomon was calm and cool. But Adonijah was brought down while Solomon was lifted and celebrated. Adonijah died. Self-promotion does not last.

Points To Ponder

  1. People promote themselves because of pride. Saying or thinking that they are better than everyone else. Believing that they deserve or more qualified for the position than everybody.
  2. A wrong mentality that they are gifted and talented than everyone. Leadership and promotion are not only about charisma but character.
  3. Wrong motive. Having the mind to revenge when they get to the top. When God Promote you, you forgive easily like Joseph forgave his brothers when he became a prime minister.
  4. want to be a leader because people want them to. They want you doesn’t mean God wants you. People can push into something even if it’s not God’s plan or program for you.

3 Practices That Will Trigger Your Divine Promotion

  1. Be a servant. Learn to serve. Mathew 23:11-12
  2. Be humble. Humility is not humiliation. It leads to promotion.
  3. Cultivate the right attitude. God is watching and looking for a man or woman with the right attitude to promote.