3 Reasons Why You Should Give To Your Pastor

3 Reasons To Give To Your Pastor

Note that this point is not about giving to God… It’s about remembering and assisting the pastor in your local assembly.

This post is not about giving ‘seeds’ to receive blessings. It’s about becoming responsible for the well being of anybody
who feeds you spiritually.

  1. He is feeding you with spiritual food:

    Don’t tell your pastor that you are praying for him when you know that he needs financial assistance. In fact, plan to include him in your monthly budget. Remember that he includes you in his daily plans. This point shouldn’t actually be a reason if you simply LOVE your pastor.

  2. Help Him Not To Bow To Mammon:

    If you have a pastor who does not teach you that God cannot answer your prayers until you give him money, you have a pastor who is not yet captured by mammon. Please help him not to bow down to mammon by INTENTIONALLY giving him a monthly allowance. Find out a bill that he always struggles to pay and help him to sort it out Monthly. Remember, 90% of the prophetic-pocket-Rapists (p p R)  in our pulpits today started well, but along the line, bowed to the pressures of mammon. Don’t let that humble, genuine and hardworking pastor in your life even contemplate joining the army of pp R. Help them. Again if you love him or her, this shouldn’t be a point.

  3. Your pastor is an adopted member of your family:

    He is always there to celebrate your new house, new car, new baby… And in the case of loss, he is there to mourn with you. Who else would do this if not someone who considers himself a member of your family? Please, also consider him a member of your family and treat him as such. Again, if you love him, this shouldn’t be a point.

Of all these points, the key is LOVE ANYBODY WHO FEEDS YOU SPIRITUALLY WITHOUT ASKING FOR ANYTHING IN RETURN. They deserve to be loved like you love your family.

Now pick up your phone and call that man or woman who feeds you and ask him if they have any financial stress. Their
suits have a way of covering their pain. Look beyond those nice suits and hold his hand up.
Don’t do it because you desire to be blessed(even though you definitely will), but do it for LOVE.