Dressed To Be Blessed & 4 Opportunity Prayers

Dressed To Be Blessed & 4 Opportunity Prayers

GENESIS 25:22-24

There is a saying that says dress like you want to be address, sometimes your dressing commands your blessings. Being confident of being blessed is not being proud ,is just you knowing that you are blessed and act like it. Even if you have not receive the blessing yet .see it in your mind, dress like it, look like it,feel like it and act like it.

My Points

  • There is a blessing on Jacob already from birth, so he has it for sure.all he needs to do is to activate it not to negotiate it . You don’t negotiate what you already have you activate it
  • Esau already lost the blessing to Jacob by selling his birthright to Jacob. Jacob was already having it before the father had to released it on him ,but he had to dress like it. GEN 25:31-33
  • You need an helper called Rebecca the mother of Jacob and Esau to assist you to get the blessing. She gave Jacob the idea of what to do and supported him
  • Always behave positively . 2 COR 5:7 we walk by faith not by sight. Sometimes what you see might be different from what you have. FAITH IT TILL YOU MAKE IT
  • Dress well,package yourself well so that you will not become packet . Nothing comes to you without being package.
  • GENESIS 27:27 Who is speaking over your life matters . Make sure you have a man that will be declaring and activating God’s blessings on you.

4 Opportunity Prayers

  • Oh Lord I will not miss an opportunity to be bless in Jesus Name Amen
  • Oh LORD in the day of my blessings I won’t arrive late in Jesus Name Amen
  • LORD help me to always be in the right place at the right time for a blessing in Jesus Name Amen
  • Holy Spirit give me creative mind and ideas that will move me to my next level in Jesus Name Amen.