Favor & 4 Amazing Observations About Finding It?

Rev. Joshua Afolabi Preaching About Favor

Favor is heaven’s generosity towards you for your Prosperity.

What Is Favor?

  • Favor is not by consecration or certification but by revelation
  • Favor is not by who earth elect but by who God select
  • Favor is not by hard labor, it is by the flavor of savour that you carry
  • Favor is to be influential without credential
  • To be qualified without qualification
  • To be satisfied without certificate
  • Favor is not by age but by advantage
  • Favor is not by education but by authorization
  • Favor is by spiritual weight not by physical act
  • Favor is when God appoints a man to disappoint another man
  • Favor is the irresistible perfume no one can argue
  • Favor is to be preferred to others

Is not everybody that is rich got it from evil ways, everybody has a voice but what Rev. Joshua Preaching About Favorgives you volume is money. God wants to see the level of your service towards him before he can bless you.

Types of Favor.

  • Timely favor
  • Favor with God
  • Favor with man
  • Marital favor

4 Amazing Observations About Finding Favor?

  1. What you say is what you see
  2. Humble yourself, God resist the proud – when you are proud, you remind God of the devil
  3. Association – Who do you associate with – do not settle for less
  4. Supplication and intercession – pray your way into favor