I Am Not Going Down Quietly

I Am Not Going Down Quietly By Dr. Joshua Afolabi

It’s a prophetic message today for someone.

Some people want you to be where you are because they are comfortable with your level as long as you are not doing better than them, but when you want to break out of that level into a higher place or strange blessings start coming to you they get irritated. So they will try to silence you and box you. That was the case of this blind man. But he refused to be quiet.

Points To Ponder

  1. Wherever you meet with God or God meet with you is your place. There must be a location where Divinity must meet with humanity. Jacob place was bethel, apostle Paul place was Damascus
  2. What do you have to connect to your destiny and blessings? The man couldn’t see but he could hear. Romans 10:17 faith comes by hearing not by seeing. If I can hear I can see. If I can hear I can walk
  3. What do you know about God not what God knows about you? The man knew he was the son of David personal revelation about Jesus, not the one someone told you about him
  4. Mercy. The man asked for mercy he didn’t talk about himself but mercy
  5. He got God’s attention. Jesus stood still.

What can you do to get the attention of the almighty? The man used his voice. He kept shouting even when they asked him to keep quiet and he got it. You have something in your hands now that you can use as a tool to get God on your side. It might be your voice, it might be your gifts or seed use it.