5 Prophetic Prayers For Overcoming Shame & Some Powerful Tips on Faith

Faith In Prayers

Shame is a painful feeling of humiliation which can lead to low self esteem and loss of honor or respect.

EZEKIEL 36:7 Therefore thus saith the Lord God; I have lifted up mine hand, surely the heathen that are about you, they shall bear their shame.Overcome Shame

What Brings Shame

  • A wrong accusation on your person or character
  • A demonic set up or gang up against you and your destiny
  • Your long term situation or circumstances that refused solution.

Strong Points

  • You can not lose your confidence and dignity if you know that Jesus Christ has carried your shame Mathew 27:30 \
  • Discipline yourself by improving your character and developing your attitude with GOD’S word
  • Don’t blame anyone. BLAME IS ALWAYS A COVER UP FOR SHAME GENESIS 2:25 & GENESIS 3:7,8-11
  • We have different types of shame. Inherited shame, national shame self imposed shame etc .

5 Prophetic Prayers To Help You Overcome ShameOvercoming Shame

  1. You arrows of shame against me scatter by fire
  2. You agent of satanic disgrace catch fire
  3. Every negative power of public disgrace and shame catch fire now in Jesus Name Amen
  4. Every demonic spirit of wrong accusations on my person and destiny receive fire now in Jesus Name Amen
  5. Shame that will cause you to lose everything you have labored and gather will not happen to you in Jesus Name Amen.


MARK 11:22-24

Faith is your connection to the supernatural, a total trust in God, believing and accepting what God is doing for you and a strong assurance that it is done already.

Some Types Of Faith

  • Weak Faith. Romans 4:19
  • Little Faith. Luke 12: 24-29
  • Strong Faith. Romans 4:19-20
  • Great Faith. Mathew 8:10-13
  • God’s Kind Of Faith.

7 Tips On Growing Your Faith

  1. People in different stages of faith work with them base on their levels of faith.
  2. Common sense is different from bible sense. Believing is seeing not seeing is believing.
  3. When you operate in faith the impossible becomes possible and the invisible becomes visible.
  4. You conquer fear and doubt when you operate in faith.
  5. You see God as your reliable source all the time not man . Where men fail God prevail.
  6. Having faith in Jesus makes your relationship with God gets stronger and better.
  7. You work in the miraculous with ease.