The Gift Of Prophecy

gift of prophecy

Who Is A Prophet?

A prophet is a messenger of God with a particular or specific message from God to His people.
A prophet is also the one who speaks for God by divine inspiration and a voice to a generation.

What is prophecy?

Prophecy is a gift that God gives you by His spirit to edify and encourage the body of Christ.
It is to say or declare a word either by the influence of God’s Spirit, your spirit, or your feelings and it is a word
based on what you want God to do. You must prophesy in love, not in hatred, anger or bitterness.

The Gift Of Prophecy.

  1. God will reveal the plans of the enemy to you so that you can pray against it and abolish it or cancel it.
  2. God also will reveal his own good plans for you. You are to pray it into manifestation.
    The gift of the spirit and the fruit of the spirit work together. You can’t have the gifts of the spirit without you
    having the fruits of the spirit. The gift of the spirit is charisma while the fruit of the spirit is character. So a believer must
    have a character that carries the charisma.
    Before Jesus gave gifts He ascended so when you lift Him High, He will showcase Himself Highly. The more you lift Him,
    the more He blesses you with more gifts. So when you stop lifting Him you start losing the gifts. The giver is more
    important than the gifts: without the giver, there’s no gift.